Un Demi-Compagnie de Compagnie Franches de la Marine de Vindail


The Compagnies Franches de la Marine were named for their captains. This force is based on the historical composition of a Compagnie Franches de la Marine, but has no direct historical counterpart (unlike the Half-Company of the 42nd (Highland) Foot) and, following Fat Lardy tradition, I have used names chosen more for comic effect than for any historical versimilitude.

This demi-compagnie is led by Lieutenant Jacques Clouzeau (formerly in the employ of Nicolas Berryer, the lieutenant général de police), assisted by Enseigne Olivier Maudit, and a cadet, Hugo de Nigot. All these gentlemen are of Canadian birth, unlike the poor wretches they command, who are the sweepings of the French gutters.

Eleve Officier de Nigot Points, Liuetenant Clouzeau and Ensigne Maudit are Unimpressed

The demi-compagnie also has the veteran Sergent Grondement to rely on.

Sergent Grondement
Defenders of New France
More Defenders of New France
Even More Defenders of New France
Skirmishing Defenders of New France

Clouzeau’s force lacks numbers, so he has brought his trusted Huron allies, Tobacco and Hahwhendagerha (seriously, these are real Huron names not made up ones like most of the French) with a small war party along too.

Hawhendagerha Points,  Tobacco is Enthused.
War Party
Another War Party

In Sharp Practice terms the force comprises 50 points:

  • Leader Status III (Lieutenant  Clouzeau)
  • Leader Status III (Enseigne Maudit)
  • Leader Status I (Élève Officier De Nigot)
  • Leader Status I (Sergent Grondement)
  • Three Groups of 8 Compagnie Franches de la Marine Line
  • One Group of 6 Compagnie Franches de la Marine Skirmishers

with another 28 points to flesh it out provided by some Huron allies:

  • Leader Status II (Hahwhendagerha)
  • Leader Status I (Tobacco)
  • Two Groups of 6 Huron War Party
  • A Scout
  • Two Dummy Movable Deployment Points

The Compagnie Franches de la Marine figures are by from Conquest Miniatures, as are  Hahwhendagerha and Tobacco. The other Huron are from Redoubt Enterprises; very characterful models but also slightly but noticeably larger than the other figures I’ve used (across all forces – they are bigger than the Redoubt Highlanders too). I have previously mentioned the rather annoying delays and lack of communication that Redoubt seem to specialise in, but I’m going to do so again because other very small manufacturers seem to be  altogether more professional in that regard. I’d recommend their figures, but expect to wait weeks for them to arrive.

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