A Half-Company of the 60th (Royal American) Foot


The 1st battalion of the 60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot was, in true British tradition, made up largely of Germans (many former prisoners of war), Swiss and Irishmen. The regiment became the 60th Foot only very late in 1756, previously having been numbered 62nd in the line. The colonel of the regiment at the time of the Saindoux campaign was John Campbell, Earl of Loudon, also the commander-in-chief in North America.

This force comprises half of Queen’s Company of the 1/60th and is is led in person by Captain Archibald Queen, a confirmed bachelor.

Captain Queen

Lieutenant Wilhelm Neiswanger, whose impressive talent is much admired by his captain, and the languid Ensign Ernst Eidelberger are the other two officer present.

Lieut. Neiswanger
Ensign Eidelburger

Sergeants Koch, Longrod and Johnson always stand ready to do their duty and are very popular men with the ladies. Koch once served under Frederick the Great as a lieutenant in the Geist Grenadiers. Longrod fled Bohemia after an encounter with Francesca von Pfalz-Sulzbach, the Princess-Abbess of Essen led to him bashing the Bishop of Worms. Johnson, alias John Stone, is an Irishman serving under an assumed name.

Sergeant Koch
Sergeant Longrod
Sergeant Johnson

Drummer Banghard is a musically inclined German-speaking Pennsylvanian. He delights in rudely awakening his comrades with his beloved instrument.

The men are a rough lot, but good soldiers in the main, well-drilled and fearing Captain Queen’s floggings more than any enemy.

Skirmishers Out
Rank and File
Onward 62nd

In Sharp Practice terms the force comprises 79 points:

  • Leader Status II (Captain Queen)
  • Leader Status III (Lieutenant Neiswanger)
  • Leader Status II (Ensign Eidelberger)
  • Leader Status I (Sergeant Koch)
  • Leader Status I (Sergeant Longrod)
  • Leader Status I (Sergeant Johnson)
  • A Musician (Drummer Banghard)
  • Four Groups of 8 Provincial Regiment of Foot Line
  • Three Groups of 6 Regiment of Foot Skirmishers

All the figures are from  Galloping Major.