A Detachment of Gorham’s and Dank’s Rangers

Gorham’s Rangers had been in existence for many years before George Washington started the French and Indian War (and the Seven Years War, by extension . . .). Raised in Massachuessets, they’d fought in King George’s War and conducted extirpation against the Acadians and Mi’Kmaqs in Father Le Loutre’s War. Originally raised largely amongst native Americans from Cape Cod, by 1757 they included many Scots and Irish immigrants as well as a sprinkling of Anglo-Americans.

Dank’s Rangers were raised in 1756 and often fought alongside the men of Gorham’s Rangers. If anything they had a more brutal reputation and were reputedly not choosy in their scalp-taking.

This particular force is under command of Lieutenant Edward Watmough of Gorham’s Rangers is second-in-command.

Edward Watmough

Sergeant Clarke and Sergeant Warner assist Lieutenant Watmough. The former slave, Limus Coffin is one of the more experienced rangers.

Sergeant Jonathan Clarke
Sergeant Ichabod Warner
Limus Coffin

Lieutenant John Walker, a very spirited fellow, leads the small contingent of Dank’s Rangers.

Lieut. Johnny Walker





Captain Cutlass And His Warriors

In Sharp Practice terms the force comprises 79 points:

  • Leader Status III (Captain Watmough)
  • Leader Status II (Lieutenant Walker)
  • Leader Status II (Sergeant Clarke)
  • Leader Status II (Sergeant Warner)
  • Leader Status I (Limus Coffin)
  • Four Groups of 6 Colonial Rangers
  • Movable Deployment Point
  • Dummy Movable Deployment Point

plus support from:

  • Leader Status II (Captain Cutlass)
  • One Group of 6 Mohawk Scouts

Figures are from AW Miniatures and Galloping Major.