Pour Six Sous Par Jour


From the 2nd battalion of Languedoc Infanterie.

This demi-compagnie is led by Capitaine Hubert Taffin de Givenchy, flower of the nobility of France and the very picture of a fashionable yet professional fighting soldier.

Capitaine de Givenchy

Lieutenant Pierre Cardin and Enseigne Christian Lacroix assist Capitaine de Givenchy. Cardin, a grenadier officer, has grown old in the service and is hoping for as long and bloody a war as possible so that he might one day reach the rank of captaine, which has become giddy height of his ambition. Lacroix wields a spontoon, an implement to which French officers of the time were very much attached.

Cardin et Lacroix, Deux Bons Hommes des France

Sergent Bacon is a salty old veteran who has several times been cured of various unpleasant social diseases.

Bacon, Un Homme Moins Bon de France

The rank and file serve for a pittance, but look very smart in their white and blue coats. To de Givenchy’s disgust a few of the more slovenly soldiers have taken to wearing their forage caps instead of cocked hats – a ridiculous trend, and quite as silly to de Givenchy’s mind as the notion that grenadiers should wear mitres or bearskins rather than just a decent moustache.




De Givenchy has with him some native allies led by the unspeakable Quatoghees and Pemedeniek. How far these savages may be trusted is debatable, and as for their attire, ‘Mon cher, il n’y a pas des mots.’

In Sharp Practice terms the force comprises 56 points:

  • Leader Status III (Capitaine de Givenchy)
  • Leader Status II (Enseigne Lacroix)
  • Leader Status I (Sergent Bacon)
  • Three Groups of 8 Regiment of Foot Fusiliers
  • Leader Status II (Lieutenant Cardin)
  • Two Groups of 8 Regiment of Foot Grenadiers

with another 20 points to flesh it out provided by some Huron allies:

  • Leader Status I (Quatoghees)
  • Leader Status I (Pemedeniek)
  • Two Groups of 6 Huron War Party

The French fusilier figures are by from AW Miniatures and were a very kind Christmas present supplied ready-painted (painting by Andrew from AW Miniatures. The Huron are Conquest Miniatures. There’s a fairly considerable size difference between the two (AW are quite large like Redoubt and Galloping Major), Conquest are noticeably smaller if seen side by side, but they’re fine in separate groups.

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