Beating the Drum

‘L’oei anglaise sera cuit en Saindoux.’
– Marquis de Montcalm

The Saindoux campaign of 1757 has largely been ignored by historians of the French and Indian Wars. But events in this remote valley had far-reaching consequences for the wider conflict. Lord Loudoun declaimed prophetically that ‘Saindoux may be hard to hold but it slips from our grasp to our peril.’ and no less than Montcalm quipped, ‘L’oei anglaise sera cuit en Saindoux.’

The Wider Theatre of Operations

Fortunately the epic story of the Saindoux campaign can now be writ large in glorious high-definition model-o-rama and brought to screens everywhere in episodic format by the magic of internet technology.

Huron Hunting Party

Future posts in this blog will feature the forces involved, accounts of the various battles, more background on the campaign, information about the senior officers involved and sundry other matters concerning Saindoux in 1757. There is much fat to chew . . .

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