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Bienvenue à Saindoux

All May Not Go Well

The Saindoux Campaign is a French and Indian War extravaganza using the excellent second edition of the Sharp Practice rules from TooFATLardies.

Chip Bag in 42nd Foot Colours
Charlie Foxtrot Controlled Fire Marker, Historique Shock Markers

For quality of service, ease of ordering and quality of miniatures, Galloping Major stand out head and shoulders and have an ever-increasing range for the conflict. The other miniatures  manufacturers are good quality and generally mix together well. It should be mentioned that Redoubt Enterprises are dreadful at communicating and delays are to be expected from them (nice figures, very poor standard of service).

Swift service and good quality are to be expected from The Model Tree Shop, Supreme Littleness Designs, Charlie Foxtrot Models and Maverick Models, who are all superb. Saddle-Goose Designs custom-designed bags and the Historique shock markers are great quality too, and provide the perfect personalised touches with first-rate communication, top-notch dispatch times and attention to detail; both these companies offer tremendous value and are very much worth supporting. More miniatures manufacturers should aspire to be like these small ‘accessory’ companies in the way they handle their orders.

4Ground make very good building kits, but unfortunately use UPS as their courier. While your mileage may vary, my experience of UPS is that they are, without exception, the worst delivery company in the UK by a very long yard, with an absolutely shocking self-set ‘standard’. I will only buy 4Ground on the web from reliable third parties like Galloping Major or the superb Firestorm Games.

Bob Hubbard has also used UPS, and I’d recommend asking him to send by Royal Mail instead; he’s a nice chap and helpful. Bob’s terrain comes in plentiful quantity for the money and is at the better end of the ‘off the shelf’ pre-made and painted terrain.

Campaign Resources

A pdf version of the first mini-campaign day template can be downloaded here.

Panel 1

The Forces Involved

The Forces Involved

Panel 2


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